Thee Creator

“Get comfortable with celebrating yourself and releasing stifling ideas of vanity and humility.”

— Please: Radical Self-Care for Wild Women of Color (2020)


In this era, self-care is taboo yet trendy; it is easy to get caught up in the hype of what is and what isn't. Psychology Today's final step on Self Care 101 states, "Self-care means taking time to love yourself and appreciating that there's only one you and you're the expert on that." Women should understand that if they regularly incorporated time for themselves into their busy schedules, the bitterness of life would sweeten.

A shower may be quick, but a botanical bath could boost your sensuality and confidence. It is not a chore. The massage chair may be a temporary fix, but a deep tissue massage could relax your mind and body. It is not a luxury.

We spend most of our free time focusing the remainder of our energy on things that stress us out. Why is it that we rarely plan to decompress? Are we required to wear everyday burdens on our sleeves at all times?

Self-love is prioritizing mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health even when there may not be time to pause the fast world around us. It's deeper than taking care of basic needs.


I am here to encourage all women to indulge in all things self. After all, you cannot pour into another's cup if yours is empty. 




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