The Simple Beginnings

As a young girl, I loved going to the nail salon. Pedicure bowls excited me, not because of the polish choices but because of the foot massages and scrubs. Regular trips went from often to occasional. Yet, the pampering never stopped. 

The hair salon took the place of the nail salon. Shampoo bowls were the main focus, leaving scalp massages to be the highlight of the day. I soon learned how to take care of my hair and went natural somewhere along the way. 

At-home maintenance made the new lifestyle feel like a chore at first. I had to pay closer attention to what my hair did and did not like. Kinky coils are not easy to manage, sometimes taking ten hours to do what a stylist could accomplish in two. During my journey, homemade rice water and rose water was vital components to the routine. Handcrafting remedies forced me to appreciate the time I spent catering to myself. Wash day became a small taste of what we now call self-care day. 

Before I knew it, I added bath salts, body scrubs, and face masks to the regimen. My skin did not respond well to store-bought products, so I started to explore more of the natural world. Simple recipes were the most effective when it came to my sensitive skin. When friends and family asked for recommendations and explanations of my methods, I realized my holistic approach would take me far. 

In June of 2019, my practices expanded when I graduated from a massage therapy institution. While in training, I meditated on my ideal clients being women who choose a healthier living way. My services are for those who want to escape from their daily priorities, take the time to be with themselves. Allow me to assist in relieving your stress. My products are for those who are eager to reward themselves for being the bosses they are. Expect my creations to bring peace to your relaxation.